"Health Management" Program
As life expectancy increases, there is an increasing interest in a healthy life in modern society.Also, health care is becoming an essential factor for improving the quality of life.The 20 tests provided by the Dr.yang Clinic not only prevent diseases in advance, but also lay the foundation for maintaining vitality and pursuing a successful life while continuing a healthy life.

RE: US(Ultrasound)
RE: B(Blood)
RE: UR(Urine)
RE: W(Weight)
RE: EA(Audiometry)
RE: EY(Eye sight)
RE: R(Pulmonary function)
RE: P(Package)
· Weekly tests can accurately measure your current physical condition.
· Treatment direction and Health functional food presentation are available based on the results of the examination.
· The 8-week program can help you stay healthy and reduce the risk of developing various diseases.
· It is possible to detect and prevent diseases in advance.
1. How long does the program take?
: The program takes a total of 8 weeks and consists of 20 types precise diagnosis, face to face result consultation by Dr. Yang and 4 types follow-up diagnosis.

2.What are the four types of follow-up diagnosis composed of?
: Follow-up diagnosis consists of Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Weight, and Temperature.

3. When can I find out the test result : Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Weight, and Temperature can be found immediately after the test, and blood and urine test results can be out in a few minites.

4. Is daily life possible right after the program?
: Daily life is possible right after the procedure. However, it is recommended to avoid smoking or drinking too much, and to refrain from heavy massage on the treatment area , excessive exercise, sauna.