Fitness equipment
The combined exercise machine is a device that can see the effect of vibration by applying vibration motion to the whole body and certain parts.
It burns fat with aerobic vibration exercise, which is excellent for obesity management.
· Full-body and part-specific vibration movements
· Breakdown of fat through aerobic exercise
· Diet effect in a short time
· Strengthening of muscle strength
· Reduced overall size
· It constantly contracts and relaxes muscles, so you can exercise.

· Vibrating motion is possible for the whole body or for certain parts.

· It can be applied according to age or physical conditions.

· If you run a 10-minute program, you can burn as much calories as you did for 60 minutes of weight exercise.
1. For whom is Mid-low frequency effective?
Medium-low frequency is an excellent procedure to remove fat or edema in local areas such as the abdomen and thighs, and is effective for those who want a partial fat reduction effect.

2. Is Mid-low frequency safe?
It provides electrical stimulation enough for muscle contraction exercise, so it is less painful and safe.

3. When should I avoid the procedure?
Treatment is prohibited for those who use an artificial heart machine, insert metal implants into the area to be treated, or around it. Also, if you have skin diseases or wounds in the treatment area, teenagers or pregnant women, you should avoid using it.

1. 중저주파는 누구에게 효과적인가요?중저주파는 복부나 허벅지 등 국소 부위에 지방이 있거나 부종을 제거하는데 탁월한 시술로 부분적인 지방 감소효과를 원하시는 분들께 효과적입니다.
2. 중저주파는 안전한가요?근육의 수축 운동이 가능할 정도의 전기적 자극을 주기 때문에 통증도 적고 안전합니다.
3. 시술을 피해야 하는 경우는 무엇인가요?인공심장기를 사용하거나 시술 받을 부위, 혹은 그 주변 부위 내에 금속 삽입물을 삽입하신 분들께서는 시술을 금하고 있습니다. 또한 피부 질환이나 시술 부위에 상처가 있으신 분, 청소년이나 임산부 등은 사용을 피하셔야 합니다.