Mid-low Frequency
Medium-low frequency is a procedure that consumes energy and burns fat by causing muscles in the body to contract through electrical stimulation.
It has the effect of decomposing fat by giving weak low-frequency stimulation to fat and muscles in certain areas, and adding elasticity to skin and muscles through repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles, and twisting exercises.
· Reduce lipolysis and partial obesity
· Maintenance of skin elasticity
· Reduced back pain, menstrual pain, etc
· An active bowel movement effect
· Facilitates circulation in the body
· improvement in muscle strength
· Electrical stimulation at medium and low frequencies not only strengthens muscles through repeated contraction movements of muscles, but also increases the size of muscle fibers, which can enhance overall muscle function.

· Electrical stimulation also promotes the muscle nucleus of muscle fibers, the size of mitochondria, the expansion of capillaries and the increase in blood flow, and the reduction of body fat.

· During the procedure, pads that generate potential differences are attached to both ends of the muscle point and electrically stimulated. As the electrolyte moves, neutral fat stored in the cell is decomposed into fatty acids and glycerol, and energy is consumed through muscle movement.
1. For whom is Mid-low frequency effective?
: Medium-low frequency is an excellent procedure to remove fat or edema in local areas such as the abdomen and thighs, and is effective for those who want a partial fat reduction effect.

2. Is Mid-low frequency safe?
: It provides electrical stimulation just enough for muscle contraction exercise, so it is less painful and safe.

3. When should I avoid the procedure?
: Treatment is prohibited for those who use an artificial heart machine, insert metal implants into the area to be treated, or around it. Also, if you have skin diseases or wounds in the treatment area, teenagers or pregnant women, you should avoid using it.