"Obesity Management" Program
Obesity can be traumatic and stressful and affects everyone's health regardless of age or gender.

Dr.Yang Clinic's safety-tested procedures and his own know-how, you can experience more effective and reliable obesity management programs.

We ensure to solve your obesity problems with our obesity management program.
S injection
Mid-low Frequency
Fitness equipment
· It is possible to effectively remove fat from certain areas quickly and easily without incision or surgery.
· Local fat and edema reduction is possible.
· Overall weight loss is possible.
· Make a slim and elastic body line.
1. How long does the program take?
: The program takes a total of 7 weeks and consists of Dr. Yang therapy (2 times of Injection, 2 times of Body Care) and 6 times of Body care by clinic staff after that.

2. Where does the S Injection work well?
: It is effective in removing fat from certain areas such as the abdomen and thighs.

3. Is the S Injection safe?
: It is a safe and well-proven obesity procedure using drugs that are directly identified by professional medical staff and combined at the most effective rates.

4. Is daily life possible right after the program?
: Daily life is possible right after the procedure. However, it is recommended to avoid smoking or drinking too much, and to refrain from heavy massage on the treatment area, excessive exercise, sauna.