CLARITY is a dual-wavelength platform combining long-pulsed 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG. CLARITY’s advanced features enable treatment versatility and greater speed.
· Fast and Painless
· Minimal to No Side Effect
· Safe for most Skin Types
· Remarkable Results
· Hair Removal
· Pigmented Lesions
· Wrinkle Reduction
· Rosacea
· Hemangiomas
· Leg Veins
· Warts
· And More
· High repetition rate
· Flat Top beam profile
· Dual wavelengths permit the treatment of all skin types
· Single fiber delivery with 9 spot size
· Dual fractional feature with one handpiece
· 2 types of cooling system: built-in Intelligent Cooling Device™ (ICD) or air cooling
· Hybrid Cooling provides an optional dual cooling approach
1. Where does the Clarity Laser work well?
: Clarity Laser is like a celestial beauty that not only can treat pigments, and vasopathy, but also work for lifting and skin elasticity.

2. Does the Clarity Laser work on whitening?
: Clarity laser has a clear effect on whitening with laser toning and excellent pigment removal.

3. Is the Clarity Laser safe?
: It is a laser device that has already been proven safe by numerous approved cases.

4. Are there any precautions after playing Clarity Laser?
: Clarity laser is a very safe treatment laser that allows you to live your daily life even right after the procedure.
However, if you avoid stimulating activities such as facial massage, sauna, and extreme skin care for about a week after the procedure, you can have a comfortable daily life after that.