Janus Pro
Janus Pro is an Facial Skin Analyzer that take the customer’s face with three different light sources and provides accurate analysis results.
· Reduce Pore
· Improve Wrinkle+Nasolabial fold
· Increase Elasticity
· Improve jawline angle
· Reduce Pigmentation(Polarized,UV)
· Improve Skin tone
· Relieve Redness
· Moisture Care
· It analyzes 12 skin problems including pores, wrinkles , elasticity, color immersion (fluorescent/UV), skin tone, reddishness, and moisture.

· For the first time in the world, skin elasticity and nasolabial fold are analyzed through images.

· You can see your current skin condition at a glance compared to your age group.

· Based on the skin concerns analyzed, we recommend customized products (product registration is possible)  
New Image Shooting
Moisture Checking
Zone Setting