"Skin Management" Program
We make skin whitening & smoothing with laser therapy tailored to each person's characteristics.

Lifting is a non-incisional procedure that lifts drooping cheeks/skin without cutting bones to make the face lean.
It is possible to improve wrinkles and elasticity by pulling up the skin and supporting skin texture.

It is the best skincare program for each individuals based on accurate examination of skin.
Coagulate dermal blood vessels
and let it shrink
Selectively target melanin remove
Selectively remove hair follicles
Janus Pro
1. Fine laser irradiation can create smooth, brighter skin.
2. It can relieve pigmentation such as spots and dots.
3. The size of the pores can be gradually reduced.
4. The sagging area can be lifted quickly and easily.
1. How long does the program take?
: The program takes about 7 weeks and consists of Dr. Yang therapy (2 times of lasers, 2 times botox, 2 times of skin care) and 6 times of skin care by clinic staff.

2. Where does the Clarity Laser work well?
: Clarity Laser is a perfect laser for almost every problems causing by aging . It can treat not only  pigments, blemish, and vasopathy, but also work for lifting and skin elasticity.

3. Is the Clarity Lazer safe?
: It is a laser device that has already been proven safe by numerous approved cases.

4. Is daily life possible right after the program?
: Clarity laser is a very safe treatment laser that allows you to live your daily life even right after theprocedure. However, if only you avoid stimulating activities such as facial massage, sauna, and extreme skin care for about a week after the procedure, you can have a more comfortable daily life after that.